Hundreds of people have worked at Camp Rotary over the last seven decades, and many give credit to their experience working at camp to developing skills that helped them to succeed in their chosen careers! For some, hands-on experience helped them stand out when applying to graduate school, and others discovered a passion for advocacy and inclusion after getting to know our campers. Camp’s Alumni are heavily involved in various ways to make sure that camp is operating at its best.

Each year former staff are contacted to come to camp as volunteers, should you be interested in coming to camp to visit or volunteer this summer please see our volunteer section.

Do you want to be a part of camp but don’t have the time to volunteer at camp? Contact to see how you could be a part of camp!

Camp Rotary would like to build a database for Camp Rotary alumni of both staff and campers. There is a huge network of people who have worked at Camp Rotary in its over 70 year history and many many more campers. We would like to take the first step in fostering the incredible memories, preserving the rich history and also building a community that looks out for Camp Rotary. If you’re looking to be added to this database, click the link below to complete the form!