Staff FAQ’s

Camp Rotary FAQ's

  1. What staff positions are available this year? Every year Camp Rotary hires approximately 50 staff to work all summer long. Jobs available to new staff, and returning staff include:
    • Activity Instructors
    • Assistant Cook
    • Cabin Counselors
    • Cleaning Staff
    • Head Cook
    • Kitchen Staff
    • Waterfront Coordinator
    • Lifeguards
    • Maintenance Staff
    • Resource Staff
    • Student Nurses

  2. What qualifications do I need to get a job?

    We are looking for people who have a genuine interest in working in the outdoors and enjoy summer recreational activities such as canoeing, archery, hiking, sports and games. Successful applicants need to have good communication skills and must want to work in a team environment. Although not necessary, we look favourably on previous camping experience, good French and English language skills, and experience working with people with disabilities. Prior to final acceptance, all staff members will need current certification in first aid.

  3. A first-year staff member can expect to make about $3,700 over the course of the summer, which begins in late May and ends in late August. All staff are paid at the end of each camp session. This is as much as you could expect to make at a minimum wage job for the summer, but, of course, you would not have as much fun. Living accommodations and all-you-can-eat hearty meals are provided at no cost to the staff member. Instructor positions that require special skills and more programming experience (example: lifeguards and archery instructors), and therefore pay a higher salary. As compared to other camps across the country, we pay some of the highest salaries.

  4. What about time off?

    There is a 2 1/2-day break in between camp sessions, or for every 7 1/2 days of work. During these breaks, Camp Rotary is closed, but transportation to nearby Fredericton (where the university usually offers cheap rooms for rent) is provided for the staff. Transportation from Fredericton back to Camp Rotary is offered on the last morning of the break to start work. During each day of work, staff can often get a break during the mandatory camper rest hour, and during the evenings after campers go to bed. Staff are not allowed to leave the physical camp-site during the weeks worked, only in between sessions during breaks.

  5. Who are the campers?

    The campers at Camp Rotary come from across the province of New Brunswick and occasionally from other provinces. There are adult sessions for people aged 18 to 80+ years old and youth sessions for ages 5 to 17. Overall, Camp Rotary has campers attending each summer from as young as 5 to over 80 years old. Most campers who attend have some sort of physical or developmental disability, including disabilities as a result of Muscular Dystrophy, Cerebral Palsy, Diabetes, Cancer, Down’s Syndrome and others.

  6. So what’s it like to work there, anyway?

    Any job at Camp Rotary demands hard work, enthusiasm, and dedication. It’s a tough job, but never boring and always rewarding. Staff members finish their summer with a tremendous sense of accomplishment, strong friendships, and a host of unforgettable memories. Camp Rotary is located on a breathtaking stretch of beach on Grand Lake, New Brunswick’s largest freshwater lake. The campsite includes over 20 acres of land which holds several buildings including camper cabins, a large meal hall, washroom and laundry facilities, recreation hall and more. Program areas include an archery range, heated outdoor pool, campfire area, nature trails, and lakefront canoeing site. Camp Rotary is one of the best maintained, and beautiful residential campsites in the Atlantic Provinces.

  7. Are there any extra benefits?

    Beyond the obvious merits of working at an outdoor summer camp, Camp Rotary offers many extra rewards. As an outdoor centre, which has been in existence for almost 60 years, Camp Rotary has a tremendous reputation for exceptional service. This means working at Camp Rotary is an excellent resume builder. Employers recognize the integrity, enthusiasm, and responsibility it takes to be a staff member at our camp. The camp also offers an incredible hands-on experience for people looking to pursue careers in many fields such as nursing, social work, education, recreation, occupational therapy, physiotherapy and dozens of other human service vocations. An added bonus is the dynamic nature of the staff attracted to work at our camp. Summer breaks between camp sessions often see cool groups of staff who organize trips for camping, rafting, paintball, beach trips, etc. Also, the senior staff at Camp Rotary are very experienced and qualified camping professionals who provide active training in outdoor pursuits and inclusive recreation.