Staff Testimonials

Staff Testimonials

Paul Black, past Student Union President, Acadia University; staff member 1994-96, volunteer 1997-98:

“The summers I spent working at Camp Rotary represent some of the most fun and educational times of my life. Working with individuals who face and overcome a myriad of challenges every single day of their lives has inspired me to attempt to do the same”.

Jeffery Sparks, Human Resources Analyst, Andersen Consulting (Toronto); camper 1984-90, staff member 1991-96:

“Camp was my life, and always will be part of it. My best and longest-lasting friendships started there. It was great being able to help others with disabilities in ways that I was helped. The leadership and personnel skills I developed while at Camp have played a vital role in my career.”

Kara Reid, Occupational Therapist, Stan Cassidy Center for Rehabilitation; camper 1991-92, staff member 1993-96:

“I can not imagine what my life would have been like without Camp Rotary. The knowledge that I acquired while at camp helped me decide what I wanted to be in life, as well as help give me the kind of skills and experience employers look for when hiring. “

Nicole Irving, Nursing Staff, Doctor Everett Chalmers Hospital, staff member 1994-97:

“Working at camp was an incredible amount of fun, and an amazing learning experience. My work at Camp Rotary was instrumental in helping shape my future course in life. The luckiest people on earth get to work at Camp Rotary.”